Girl Talk is a master of the mash up music scene. A Pittsburg native, Gregg Gillis (his real name) takes multiple tracks and 'mashes' them up to make one unique sound.

In the sample below for example, we've got 9 - yes 9 - different artists' sounds sampled at various times to create a unique piece of work (for reference: Black Sabbath, 2Pac, Jay-Z, Ludacris, Jay-Z again with a different track, N.W.A., Eminem, Cali Swag District, and Jane's Addiction).

Overall, I think it's some pretty impressive stuff...might just need to add of few of these to the regular listening playlist...

As a tribute to his greatness, magazines and publications such as Time and Rolling Stone rated Girl Talk's album "Feed the Animals" one of the top releases to hit the music scene in 2008. Check out a sample of his work below, and as always - ENJOY.

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