"I was trying to do too many things at the same time, which is my nature. But I was enjoying it, and I still do enjoy it" - jimi hendrix

3/25/11 in honor of the nerd

Nate's cat can apparently play music on the laptop...not like this though

3/24/11 work place flip-out

This guy has a serious case of "The Mondays"

3/23/11 Icy roads = bad drivers

Bad weather in recent days led me to post this one. At what point do you say "No I won't be dumb enough to drive without chains"?

3/22/11 Cinnamon challenge

Cinnamon in the nostrils can't feel good...

3/21/11 finding new lines on the mountain

I guess there really are no limits (apparently no understanding of fear either)

3/20/11 hit and run

A recent hit and run incident involving my roommates vehicle prompted this video discovery. Fortunately, in both the video and in my roommates situation, the fleeing party gets whats comin' to them.

3/19/11 Blowing off some steam

Russian style

3/18/11 ninja on his ninja (bike)

I wonder how we would fare going through a windshield?

3/17/11 happy st. patty's day!

Hope all of you got just as drunk as this guy (minus the whole being arrested part). What seems to be the officer problem?

3/16/11 the sexy sax man

Hey how does that one song go again?

3/15/11 catch phrase

Gee....I wonder what phrases he wants to use to describe the video...

3/14/10 baby mama drama

I'd say this ranks above dropping a new born at birth...

3/13/11 the lion king

His pet > your pet

3/12/10 good morning

She didn't wake up on the wrong side of the bed, just off of it actually

3/11/11 battle of the questionable sexes?

Trannie's throw down at a taco shop in the Hillcrest area of San Diego...how did it start you ask? Who looks better as a cross-dresser of course..

3/10/11 the next top chef

A little splash of this, a little dash of that, some spit..and boom - dinner

3/9/11 headshot

He had to see that one comin'...no really he had to

3/8/11 what car commercials should be  modeled after

So much truth in a 38 second clip

3/7/11 police in need of a new sketch artist...

Possibly the same sketch artist from Harold & Kumar?

3/6/11 money well spent

Glad to see our tax dollars are making an impact on something

3/5/11 master of the claw

And I was just starting to think that this game had no way of winning...

3/4/11 she's got spirit, how 'bout you?

Mosh pits are one of the most appropriate ways of celebrating...a cheer victory?

3/3/11 great way to finish a race

...and now for the drug test

3/2/11 i do all my own stunts

This guy would make a killing in Hollywood...

3/1/11  the real spiderman?

2/28/11 the godzilla movement

OK not really, but these Japanese flash mobs are quite entertaining.

2/27/11 jersey shore - mario bros. style  

A brief look into the life of "Pwow" and crew

2/26/11 drunk much?

I'm not as think as you drunk I am.

2/25/11 never reveal your fears

At least not to your roommate

2/24/11 jackie chan does his best forrest gump impression

OK not really, but still these guys know what's up with table tennis.

2/23/11 kangaroo boxing

Need I say more? Nice take-down at 2:16...

2/22/11 This is how you dance to dubstep

I'm not quite sure if this is considered cruel or just plain hilarious, either way it's great. Enjoy

2/21/11 Chicken man plays "what is love"

Big Bird's got nothin' on the Chicken Man.

2/20/11 Samurai cgi fighter

Stumbled on this awesome display of technological art and was "wowed" by the sheer beauty of it. Enjoy

2/19/11 bieber gets capped on csi

Ahh if only this could be true. Thumbs up to CSI for this clip.

2/18/11 Radio prank gone wrong

Sometimes pranks might just backfire in a HORRIBLE way, maybe trying a new thing wasn't such a good thing that day.
There are some crazy people on the Internet, several of whom are just like me constantly trying new things. Check back daily for new videos of other people trying new things - either horribly wrong or awesomely right...