Located off of 10th & J in East Village
Remember that free lunch perk I mentioned awhile back? Good stuff I know, well sadly the food selection today wasn't all that my stomach was hoping for, thus the quest for a new dining spot was in motion.

Trying to figure out what sounded good, the mention of burgers seemed right down my alley. The tough part now was finding a place that 1.) I had never tried before and 2.) Finding a place that offered take out. The answer would be found at The Corner in East Village.

Bacony, BBQ-y goodness in the palm of my hand
Reviewing the website beforehand, I had noticed dozens of comments claiming this place had the BEST burger in downtown. I needed to see for myself, so when I made the call I took the recommendation made by the hostess on the phone and ran with it.

I chose to order the popular BBQ burger w/tots (though the sweet potato fries are pretty tasty too apparently). If you like BBQ, you'll love this.

Start with a 1/2 pound slab of freshly ground beef, add a layer of gooey cheddar cheese, applewood smoked bacon, carmelized onions and top it off with the sauce...you'll love it. My stomach was definitely at capacity well before I could finish this bad boy off, but for those of you seeking an even larger bit of glorious grilled goodness, check out the 3LB burger challenge. A 3 pound burger w/6 slices of cheese, chili, and 2 eggs...if you finish it in under an hour its FREE!

In review, I think it's safe to say I'll be back...maybe on a Tuesday as suggested by the bartender (2 for 1 burgers, who can pass that up?!). Anyway, The Corner is a great* local spot in East Village that should not be skipped!

Leave me some suggestions for new things / places in the comments!

*On behalf of my tastebuds and their opinions...I'd put this place 2nd to Nicky Rotten's...but hey there can be 2 good burger spots right?


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