The way I found these guys? The radio. What a concept, trade cars with your mom and listen to what the public suffers from. Lucky for me, my radio station doesn't suck - though they inevitably will play the same songs over and over if you listen for too long.

Anyway, a little background on these guys for your reference. Two of these guys are brothers, Christian Mazzalai and Laurent Brancowitz. Interestingly enough, Laurent had a brief stint in a band known as Darlin' before he joined Phoenix permanently. The remainders of that broken band wouldn't go on to do much without him...just go on to start a group by the name of Daft Punk. Perhaps you've heard of them?

The group, consisting of the aforementioned brothers plus Thomas Mars and Deck d'Arcy, hail from France and perform alternative rock for your listening pleasure. Winners in the Best Album category at the 2009 Grammy Awards Show, Phoenix is a good listen. Check out the track below as proof - they're pretty talented. Enjoy

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