The Fighter, starring Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale, is based on a true story about a pair of brothers who share a passion for boxing. Christian Bale, the older of the two brothers, was the former "Pride of Lowell (MA)" after knocking down infamous boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard. Following his dramatic accomplishment, he would end up losing touch with the ring and instead get addicted to a variety of drugs while haphazardly training his brother for the opportunity of a lifetime - a chance to become a World Champ.

Mark Wahlberg, playing the role of Mickey Ward, lives for boxing. In an attempt to reach the top of the metaphorical boxing ladder, Mickey works tirelessly to become the aforementioned "Pride of Lowell" - shoes once filled by his older brother / trainer. In a dramatic series of events, Mickey takes his fair share of bodily harm and emotional trauma before he finally finds the right opportunity to achieve his dream.

I found this film to be extremely engaging and worthwhile. In saying that, I could easily watch it again without a problem. Even those snobs at Rotten Tomatoes gave this film a 90%! Check out Mark and Christian in this boxing drama that's sure to inspire you to do something great...

Located at 4th & J in the Gaslamp District
And in other news - I made it over to Jolt'n Joe's in the Gaslamp the other day to have a drink to pass some time. Given the hour I was in (2 o'clock on a Friday afternoon...), the place was a bit empty but I could tell it would be a fun place to hang out. With pool tables, pong tables, and flat screens galore, this place is surely the one to be at come game day.

The decor was..uh..dated to say the least. I suppose if you're out for a drink, that shouldn't be your #1 priority...

Environment aspects aside, my bartender was awesome (not to mention smokin' hot) and fun to chat with. Taking a recommendation from her, I opted to sample the sliders to accompany my pint (did I mention they have a pretty decent selection of local beer?). 3 tasty morsels and a glass of carbonated glory later, I was a happy camper. Check it out on your next trip to the Gaslamp and see for yourself! Until then, leave me some ideas / suggestions in the comments.


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