So a little while back I watched a documentary by world-renown street artist Banksy. The film documents several street artists and their varying types of 'art'. Among others was stenciling...intrigued by the idea and the chance to make something cool and of course...I'd never tried it before =). Let's get into it...

I watched a few YouTube clips on how to create stencils, and for the most part they all follow a similar routine:

-Pick your image

-Using the magic wand tool, strategically erase large chunks of the background

-Using the brush tool, erase further until your image is free and clear of the background (try to clean the edges neatly)

-Select the following sequence: Image > Adjustments > Threshold. Adjust until you have a good amount of contrast, but not much is needed.

-Clean up bits of the image that would make it look like a photocopy (not essential)

-Using the Filters tab, I simply selected a texturized background and turned the scaling up to 200%

Once you've completed the above steps, you should have something that looks like this! I've got much to learn in regards to photoshop, but hey it's a start right?

As far as starting new things are concerned...give me some project ideas or otherwise cool ideas in the comments!


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