Studying is killing me and my ambitions. I have 12 hours logged in the library the last 2 days...did I mention I hate studying?

Anyway, tired and mentally exhausted, I needed some relief. Norkin sparked my interest with the suggestion of a French film, so that seemed to be the plan for my night...

Read My Lips centers around a middle aged secretary working for a development firm in Paris. While Carla (the secretary) is an extremely productive and talented individual, she isn't given all the credit she deserves due to a collection of corrupt business partners taking the spot light.

Carla is also impaired by a hearing disability that 'enhances' her other senses - including the ability to read lips. A novel skill, she has little use for it until she meets Paul - a young, talentless ex-con that was originally incarcerated for being a thief. Taking Paul under her wing, Carla provides him with a job and a chance to get a fresh start on life. Yet when a business opportunity presents itself (and a chance to make a big financial gain), the combination of Paul's klepto-skills and Carla's lip reading ability pave the way for a whole new life - for the both of them.


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