Yeah I picked it...but again it was because I hadn't seen it. After the fact, I looked it up on IMDB...it gave a 5.7/10. Here's why:

Sandra Bullock plays the role of housewife that has it all: beautiful house, loving husband, and 2 daughters that mean the world to her. All of the above are fine 'n dandy...until one morning she wakes up to news that her husband has been killed in a tragic car accident. Terrible news for someone who has so much going for her...until she wakes up.

It was all a dream...or was it? Sandra wakes up from this dream of horrible news to find her husband alive and well, yet she remembers her dreams so vividly that she has trouble deciphering what's real. Every night she falls asleep, her husband is dead...and when she awakes, the events that happened in the dream are happening in real life...what to do? Bullock tries to alter the events she has already seen in an attempt to save her husband and lifestyle from coming to a horrible end.

Overall, I was confused but drawn in by this films intriguing nature. If I were to put a rating on it...I might shoot a bit higher than 5.7, but not much (probably a 7 - TOPS). Unless your a Bullock fan or simply stumbled upon this film by chance (hopefully at no cost to you), then go for it. Otherwise...check out IMDB for some good suggestions.

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