To think I was wondering what new thing I would do today. As I returned from a trip to our fabulous library here on campus, I receive a call from my roommate. He was curious about my location, and to his luck I was walking up the front yard. I enter the house, to hear my roommates voice in the kitchen...where he's standing guard over the entrance. "In the's huge". What's huge you ask? A small armadillo practically (a really huge rat). Don't worry, everything I cook with is clean...but wedged behind my oven and the backing was this guys home. Knowing this, we got strategical. By blocking all the exits, we could smoke him out and get a chance to seek revenge on the beast ravaging our banana supply. Today's new thing - rat clubbing.

After setting the oven to BROIL, we laid in wait. Within 2 minutes, the baby hedgehog was loose, and with moves like OJ Simpson, avoided 5 near death collisions with the blunt end of my hammer. Norkin was ready in the center of the 'arena' with a MagLight, in a sitting position to get a better look at where the beast had temporarily hidden. Apparently, his reflexes weren't quite quick enough though. The small dog ran INTO his pants! Quite literally, the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. I'm talkin' 1,000,000 hit+ video on YouTube. Once the sneaky SOB had managed to find his way out of my roommates pants, he opted to seek shelter in the sink...and VANISH. Incredible way to end a day of otherwise nonchalant schoolwork and studying. I could go for something a little less bizarre tomorrow, but who knows what I'll try, give me a suggestion in the comments!

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