It's that time again. After cycling through the iPod - I needed an update.

I wanted something similar to Ratatat, but wasn't quite sure what to do about it. A quick search on Pandora or Last.FM could've done the trick, but to take it one step further Music Roamer adds the ability to play video on site and pair similar artists in a visually appealing display. Thank God for StumbleUpon for helpin' me out on this one.

Anyway - the site offers a simple, user friendly interface that makes music discovery quick and easy (enjoyable?). Music is a huge part of everything I do, so props to these guys for putting a great site together that allows me to spend less time searching, and more time listening. Check it out, and in the mean time think of something out of this world (but also feasible) for me to check out tomorrow. Until then - goodnight...


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