Every now and again I tend to get busy (as was the case today...thank you approaching exams). So in a last ditch effort to do something new as promised, I saw a new movie on the scroll bar of my borrowed Netflix account (thanks Sean). Not as exciting as I'd like to be, but it is what it is (use this line to cease talking about anything, it works!).

Anyway, Ryan Reynolds on my left here plays the roll of a ridiculously obsessive compulsive organizer, encircling his life with note cards to seemingly guide his life. Seriously, from ferry schedules to daily activities. One day his wife decides to throw a hitch in his daily routine, and all hell breaks loose - ultimately changing his outlook on life. Personally, I was expecting a bit more of a comedy as opposed to a romantic film....but it mixed em both a bit...guess that would make it a romantic comedy? All in all, I'd say leave it alone until date night rolls around when you want something mildly entertaining, but don't watch it in you free time. On to the next day, new things await.


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