I got a late start on my new thing today, but it definitely held my interest...

Per recommendation of my buddy "Randy", we plugged the USB into the 360 and watched this Korean horror/thriller with all eyes glued on the TV.

A serial killer is on the loose, preying on women alone and defenseless. One of these women just so happens to be the wife of a secret agent, pregnant with his child. Upon seeing his dead and multilated wife, Byung-hun Lee takes it upon himself to exact revenge on this sadistic murderer.

The film itself is dubbed in horribly translated English subtitles, but that's not really an issue if you can read a situation. If you're a fan of the American "Kill Bill" series, then you'll love this (meaning if you like a lot of blood, gore, and otherwise graphic content, you'll find this right down your alley). Overall, I found this film to be extremely violent yet well produced by the folks across the Pacific. Bravo.

On to tomorrow, I'm thinkin' dessert is on the menu one of these days soon...


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