It's time for exams again and that only means one thing, study study study. That's 3 things, but you get it. Between shoveling down the Panda Express and popping Adderall to maintain a studious mindset, students like myself are neck deep in their iTunes library while studying for their upcoming pottery history quizzes but not quite satisfied with what their eardrums are registering with their craniums. This lead me to do some exploration in the music discovery department, and to my surprise I found some awesome stuff.

New music + new music service = killing two birds with one stone (seriously though, any bird that can fly should never be stoned to death...just doesn't make sense, couldn't they just...you know...fly away?). Anyway getting back on topic, this site acts as an enlightening alternative to Pandora or Last.fm. Instead of picking an artist and probably hearing the same stuff you heard the last time you signed on, you get new sounds direct from the constantly growing music community - a very active one at that. Don't freak out though, the radio-like feature is still there - just like Pandora - and it's fully customizable to your liking.

Where The Hype Machine really stands out for me is it's focus on scouring multiple blogs and music sites for the best reviews, while providing an easy to navigate format for you to view/listen to new creations (see photo). Of course, only the freshest music is being spewed from this site, so do yourself and your sanity a favor and check it out. God only knows how many more times I can listen to "Sexy Bitch" before I lose my sh*t...


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