Meet the most dysfunctional family, ever.
Another day closer to Spring Break! Tomorrow marks the beginning, yet with one day left to persevere - I opted for a Netflix suggestion. City Island, a story about a family that clearly failed any and all communications courses, was given 4 stars via the Netflix rater folks...so I took a chance and put it on...

The Rizzo family (see photo) are life-long residents of a small town in New York known as City Island. Andy Garcia, known as Vince Rizzo in this comical film, holds the job title of prison guard for a local facility. Little does Vince know that a future inmate will turn out to be his son from a former lover. Upon finding out this information, Vince takes matters into his own hands and brings him home to a family that runs as well as a broken clock. I took a real shot in the dark with this film, but I thought it was quite entertaining and would recommend it to even my closest friends. Check it out, and in the mean time give me more suggestions!   


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