The sweaty masses will return soon enough
Yes, I'm human...and a student. Last night was pure hell as far as studying goes. Anyway, count it for today / yesterday..whatever, but the new thing?

Walking the campus in the middle of the night. Sounds random..and it is. But looking back on it now, it's somewhat bizarre to see the campus completely empty (even in the summer, there's always somebody walking around). How did I see it? I took a break from my studies at 2am and wondered off to the gym. Along the way, I decided to see what this place is like minus the 35,000 students and faculty that usually overrun the place. Even if you aren't here, take a stroll around your community and see for yourself. It's kind of awesome if you can get over your fear of the dark (bring a nightlight...and maybe some bear mace?)

Anyway, Happy St. Patty's Day...new things on the horizon later today or tomorrow? Guess that depends on my BAC after the game.


01/28/2012 10:44

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