My friends put this place high on their 'go-to' places, and considering I've been at State for 4 years...it was about time I checked it out.

For a sandwich shop, this place is pretty awesome. Using catchy "420" style nicknames for their menu items, this place offers a wide variety of toasted subs to choose from. As for me? I had the pizza sub which is otherwise known as the DANK by menu definition. The name says it all...tasty and delicious...or just dank.

Food aside, the staff is friendly and the shop is inviting (if you choose to dine in). I'll have to come back soon, as there were so many sandwiches to choose from I would feel left out if I didn't make a return trip. And for those reading from places outside of the SDSU area, they have multiple locations across the US (including Oregon, Arizona, and even as far reaching as Iowa).

With that being said, the next time you get the munchies, be sure to check this place out - located off of El Cajon and Choktaw Street in the College Area. And for those checkin' this site out for the first time (or more?), be sure to give me some suggestions so I can experience new things. Leave your tips in the comments!


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