Photo Credit: Instructables
For those curious, I love hands on activities. And wouldn't you know it, there's hundreds if not thousands of resources available online for DIY lovers like myself. Today's little tid-bit comes from the handy folks at Instructables, a site where practically anything and everything has instructions on how to make it yourself.

Back to the mission. Today I decided to make something practical, and of course be considerate of my budget. I've always been conscience of my scheduling, which involves a lot of time management. Starting with Point A of my day (my bed) I needed something to prop up my phone so I can have a visual of my alarm clock (instead of wearing a watch to bed / fussing with my phone at random hours of the night). So for my new thing today I made a stand - easy and FREE! All you need is an old credit card, ID, room key, Chuckie-Cheese fan club card, or some other piece of plastic in that general shape.

Working at a hotel, every now and again we'll receive room keys that flat out don't work due to high usage. Taking one of these 'busted' cards, I made something useful..yay. Use this to watch movies on airplanes, prop up your 'alarm clock' like me, or "be crafty".

The stand:
-Fold over about 3/4 of the card leaving about 1/4 sticking out
-Next fold up the 1/4 that was sticking out from the top fold.
-You should have something like the picture above at this point..

So easy a cave man can do it
Now you're set. Watch a film, put on a slide show...do something with it I don't know. Gettin' pancakes tonight for a good cause, in the mean time give me some new ideas for stuff to try tomorrow!