Bringin' my bell bottoms and platform shoes next time...
So 2 days without sleep led me into not hearing my first alarm(s) this morning. In other words, I was tired and hungry.

My solution lay a mere block away at Mary Jane's. No, I didn't blaze for breakfast. But I did grab a caffeinated beverage and a tasty morsel to hold me over 'til lunch. Specifically it was the cafe' mocha and blueberry muffin filling the hollows of my stomach. If you aren't on the go and are looking to enjoy a breakfast (or lunch), this could easily be your solution.

I won't lie, I kinda liked the theme of the place too. Sure, it looks like the 70's threw up and died here, but hey its cool by me. Overall, the staff was super friendly and the food was good. What more do you want?

Lucky for me, this place is right down the street. I suppose it's better late than never to find the finer places in life, like this one. Speaking of missing things...it seems like some of the coolest places have been right under my nose for awhile? Give me some ideas because I can always eat (or try new things of course)!