Ahh so pretty...now let's eat!
One of the perks of my job at the Marriott includes enjoying the finest dining the Gaslamp District has to offer. That being said, today's achievement involved eating - and lots of it! Cafe 21 is located on 5th Avenue between "F" and "G" Streets, though it is easy to miss if you aren't on the lookout. Personally, I prefer these places some times. Anyway, Cafe 21 is a Russian owned breakfast and lunch spot that can fill you up on the cheap. That's my supervisor Priscilla on the left. That plate in front of her - $9. The food on that plate - absolutely delicious. In case you're wondering, that's french toast with sweet cream, topped with strawberries and bananas with a side of the freshest tea you can get in downtown. Seriously, the guy had to give us instructions on how to drink it! And according to the tea guru (Priscilla), no sweetener needed with this.

What did I eat? A meal fit for a king I'd say. Or at least someone looking to eat well, though not quite as cheap ($15). Judging by the looks of it (see below), I think I hit pretty much every level of the food pyramid with this Filet Mignon omelet with a side of fresh fruit. And as you judge the looks of it, you know damn well it was tasty and DELICIOUS.

I want one of those skillets...and more of the food that was in it!
Overall, the atmosphere of this place is mellow and relaxed. The service is up there, with a waiter checking in every few minutes to ensure the quality of your experience, though not too over the top. I don't usually give stars or points or anything like that, but I'll take a line out of Arnold Schwarzenegger's book and say "I'll be back". Check it out next time your in the Gaslamp!


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