Photo Credit: Yelp
Today just so happened to be a necessity. Before I proceed further, I will say I truly appreciate the free meals provided by my place of employment. But on that same note, the aforementioned free lunch wasn't going to agree with my stomach today. So began the hunt for a new destination that was A. Close by, B. Cheap, and C. Delicious. My supervisor suggested BASIC - and wouldn't you know it I hadn't even tried it. Didn't go in today, but the photo says it all. Cool and relaxed, this modern bar and pizza joint offers old-fashioned style pizza sure to please every taste bud on your tongue. Food aside for a minute, this place is also a pretty popular hang out in the Gaslamp. Good food and a good social atmosphere, what more could you ask for?

Back to the food. BASIC allows you to customize your pizza exactly to your liking. Seriously, you've got a lot of options (including but not limited to Mashed Potatoes and Fresh Little Neck Clams).

The pizza of choice for this evening included red sauce, mozzarella cheese, fresh green peppers, chicken, and onion. So simple, but something slightly magical happens when you eat this pizza. I can't really describe it, but its pretty good stuff - especially if you're into the thin pizzas. Normally a 3 topping small will run ya $15 bucks, but it's quality that your paying for...and a small pie will fill most stomachs. As for my pizza cost...well, call it good karma? The fine folks at BASIC hooked me up and waived the charge. I love being in the industry =D. No offense to the complimentary lunch service, but BASIC was the better option today...

On to new things tomorrow, give me ideas in the comments!


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