You may have seen it around the streets of LA or on a high billboard someplace in Manhattan...Paris, England, or just about any other major city for that matter. I'm referring to street art. A recent development that started as a form of 'graffiti' has since evolved into mainstream media and art galleries. For those of you curious what street art is: take traditional icons with some sort of significance , change it around to reflect a different meaning, and post it for the world to see...even if for just a short while. Post it any way you can really, stickers, murals, posters...whatever. Just post it, no rules apply (some of the most visible public places have been hit by the street art movement - even Disneyland).

Tonight I was actually able to finish "Exit Through the Gift Shop" - without Netflix crapping out (last time an error popped up some 5 minutes into the documentary), so after a long day I suppose it'll count..guess I'm the only one really counting new things anyway.

A hit by Banksy in San Diego
The title stems from the 'creation' of a street art icon. A man obsessed with filming practically anything life had to offer was given the greatest gift he could have ever asked for - a purpose. By having a family tie (his cousin) into the street art world, our main character transitions from French shop keeper and family man into street artist accomplice / film maker practically overnight. As experience and film accumulates, the role of accomplice isn't good enough for our 'star', so he progresses his vision further and becomes a street artist himself. This film was put together by world renown street artist Banksy and was apparently all the rave at the Sundance Festival (as I would find out later after completing the film...). I would have to agree with the critics, its pretty interesting to see what motivates some of these visionaries walking our streets. One may call it graffiti, but I see good taste and creativity. All in all, I'd say stop by your local blockbuster (what?) and check it out, it's worth a view. On to new things for tomorrow...


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