Something told me today was going to be off...and it started with so much hope! Starting with two new movies, I suggest you heed my warnings and avoid watching these box office failures...

The first cinematic disaster was "The Goods" starring Jeremy Piven (aka Ari Gold from Entourage), as well as many other recognizable faces including Ed Helms (Andy from The Office, Stu from The Hangover), Rob Riggle (SNL), and Kathryn Hahn (Step Brothers). With such a talented staff, how could it go wrong?

A horrible plot that's how. Don Ready (Jeremy Piven) is an expert used-car salesman that travels the country helping struggling dealerships move their inventory. One particular job has Ready thrown off his game, yet he has no choice but to improvise and live up to his reputation...otherwise the dealership will fall into the hands of rival auto dealer Paxton Harding (Ed Helms). It just isn't as funny as I thought it could have been...so to Mr. Neal Brennan - I had never heard of you before this, but I'll never watch one of your movies again.

I should serve time for starring in this film
I blame ignorance on the selection of the last one, but the following film was chosen by my peers so I had no choice but to hope. IMDB was created for a reason, God help you if you choose to ignore its wisdom.

Instead, our party opted to believe the Netflix ratings and choose "The Education of Charlie Banks" as the next movie on the playlist. Garnering 3.5/5 stars on the rating scale, it seemed to be a safe play. Within 30 minutes, Norkin had seen enough...I should have stopped the horror then. Fred Durst, you did us dirty on this one...

Charlie (Jesse Eisenberg) stars as a college student that encounters an unpleasant surprise from a high school bully that shows up on campus years later. Just when Charlie thought he had escaped the drama, Mick (Jason Ritter) brings with him bad memories and an unstable ego - just what Charlie didn't want. As Mick is friends with Charlie's roommate, he sticks around essentially making Eisenbergs life a living hell. I could provide a further synopsis, but I'd rather not. Rotten Tomatoes didn't even give this film 50% on the Tomatometer, but lets be fair...those guys can be rough some times. IMDB gave it a 6.7/10, which would be a D+ in the classroom for those thinking positively. If you've got 100 minutes, do yourself a favor and put together a puzzle, nap, or polish your fine china - but do not by any means invest your time/money into this.

To top off my day, I had never stood in line (before the gates open) to get into a basketball game, or any other game for that matter in my life. Not really a big deal, but #4 SDSU squared off against #7 BYU today in battle for the top spot in the Mountain West Conference. Jimmer and the Mormons couldn't miss if they tried today, and it left my school as quiet as a ghost town (it's truly depressing stuff to lose to your most hated rival). So to my friends that waited in line for 3+ days, got rained on, and left your voices in the arena - I salute you. With only two losses, SDSU can still hold its head high. On a high note, at least we can still party! Cheers to best fans in college basketball! (See the vid below, but add 10x the intensity to duplicate last night)

Here's to hoping for new and exciting things on Sunday...


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